Senator Ginny Lyons


Commitment to People --  Vermont


Senator Lyons listens to people. Ginny    works to improve Vermonters’ lives.

She understands relationships between Vermont’s environment, working landscape and a strong economic future for our state. She also understands the need to help the most vulnerable, to insure that a safety net is available when it is needed - economically, educationally, or for ongoing care. Some of Ginny’s experiences are listed on this page. They provide a rich background from which Senator Lyons makes common sense decisions for our state.

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SENATE 2000-2014

*Natural Resources and Energy Committee - Chair 2002-2012

*Commission On International Trade and State Sovereignty - Co-Chair 2004-2016

*Health Care Oversight Committee - Chair

Finance Committee

*Government Accountability Committee

*Health and Welfare Committee, Vice Chair

*Agriculture Committee

*Education Committee

*Climate Change Plenary

*Energy Modeling Group

*Growth Center Group

  1. *VT Champlain Advisory Committee (VTCAC)

  2. *Petroleum Clean up Committee

  3. *Joint Energy Committee

  4. *Delegate NE Governors & Quebec Premier Conference

*Smart Growth Group

*Palliative Care Group

*Biomass Working Group

*Health Care Reform  Commission

Public service

*School Board - Williston

*Select Board -Williston  Chair 1996-2004

*Regional Planning Comm.

*Senate 2000-present

*CCTV 17 Board Co-Chair

Community Service

*Cochran’s Ski Club President

*FAHC Children’s Hospital Advisory Council

*Parent to Parent / VFN Board


*Prescription Detailing Advisory Group

*UVM Research Group


*Trinity College

*Professor of Biology

*Women in Science

*STEM Program development

*Premedical and Allied Health Program Director

*Sigma Xi VT President, Regional Director, National Board

*Costa Rican Natural History

*Vermont State Colleges

* UVM / Middlebury College Environmental Internship Programs

* Energy Policy Consultant Rocky Mountain Institute

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